My First Blog Post: Let’s get started

This is may be one of the worst idea’s I’ve ever had or one of the best. Either way, it’s too late to go back now.

First and foremost: welcome to my blog.  To be brutally honest with you, I’m not 100% sure what it’s going to be about. Right now though, I’m pretty sure it’s going to focus on topics such as dating and being in a long term relationship. It’s also probably going to cover stuff such as career aspirations, success as well as anything else that may pop into my head.


I’ve got a few opinions on relationships and love. I probably think about these topics much more than the average guy does. I think to most people my opinions on love and marriage will come across quite cynical, though deep down, I just want to get married and live happily ever. I’m in a long-term relationship.  I currently live with my girlfriend of 3 years and will use our relationship, and also the relationships and situations of my friends and family to form the basis of my theories.

Success and Pursuing happiness

The other major thing that I constantly think about is, trying to work out what the hell should I be doing with my life. I currently work in digital marketing but I really want to change careers. What to? well, I’m not sure yet, but what I am sure is, that it will have nothing to do with digital marketing. Like most people, I want to pursue a career that I love and that has a purpose and really want to share my adventures, and any advice I pick up along the way, with you.

Who calls themselves an unqualified genius?

I came up with the name 30 seconds after I was prompted to create a Url for this page.At first, I did think it would come across as pretentious and trying too hard to sound clever but the name is growing on me. In a way, it kind of sums me up pretty well: A person that in some scenarios has an extremely high opinion of himself and his potential but at the same time sometimes lacks self-belief or feels like an “imposter”.

More about me

I’m a guy in his late 20’s living just outside of London.  I’ve lived in or around London my whole life.  I’m a frequent Gym-goer, though, I like fried chicken wings too much to show any tangible results.  I also enjoy cooking especially when it comes replicating fast food and dessert recipes. (Again probably why it’s not so evident that I go to the gym.)

One of my main passions is mentoring.  I mentor university students to run social enterprises. It’s a pretty niche hobby but I love it and it takes up a ridiculous amount of my spare time.

I am also a huge American football fan and support the New York Giants.

Right, that’s enough about me for now. Thanks for reading my first post! I’d love to get your feedback so please leave a comment

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