The 3 best equipment for a super small home gym

I kind of hate busy gyms. Having to wait for machines to be free is annoying and it’s virtually impossible to follow any workout programme that requires you to use multiple pieces of equipment. Also, you feel so self-conscious all the time, especially when you’re trying new things.

So I decided that I wanted a home gym, it would be more convenient for me and also would work out much cheaper than a gym membership in the long run. The one problem is that I live in a small one bedroom flat. Therefore space was the driving factor in making these purchase decisions. I needed stuff that didn’t take up too much space and could be folded or tucked away. Since space was limited I also needed each piece to have multiple uses so I didn’t have to buy a lot of gym equipment.

Here are the 3 pieces of equipment I recommend for your super small home gym:

Adjustable Dumbbells: 

I managed to get these under £300 which was much cheaper than the other brands I tended to see online.

They start at 5kg and can be adjusted up to 37.5 kg each which is more than enough weight for me and it’s so easy to change the weight. I have no complaints with this equipment.


Costs: £129 for one

Where I got mine from:

A Bench/Stepper 

This is such a versatile piece of equipment. I can use it as a stepper or a bench and I can also just fold it away and put it under my bed if I had to. It’s also super strong; I’m 100kgs and have held roughly 25kg in each hand using it and it felt completely stable.  It can be used in so many ways such as on an incline and a decline as well. I’m super pleased with this purchase.


Cost: £140

Where I got mine from

Pull-up Bar (Next on my wishlist)

So I haven’t bought this yet. But it’s the next big thing I want to purchase.  I don’t like the idea of using a pull-up bar on your door because I think they tend to weaken the frame. So I want a free standing one and the one I am looking at is the pull-up mate. Mostly because you can assemble and dissemble it quickly. You can store it away when you are finished and you can also use it for various things such as dips as well.

Cost: roughly £120

Where I’m looking to get mine from

A word on costs

Total cost: £520. Now that may seem a lot but the way I justify it to myself, and my girlfriend is if your gym membership was £50 a month you’d have spent the same in less than a year and this stuff is for life! I’m never going to need to update my weights or worry about them breaking.

Let me know what you think of my home gym! Do you have any other gym equipment you’d recommend? Leave a comment below


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