The ways you limit yourself

When it comes down to it, a lot of the things we want to achieve in life comes down to our mentality.  A lot of the times we are the ones that hold ourselves back from getting what we want. But you knew that already didn’t you? The question is do you realise when you are doing it?  Here are my views on some thoughts that we have that tend to hold us back:

What will others think of me?

This has to be one of the main reasons why we don’t follow our dreams.  We get too focused on what other people will think of us or what other people say. Do you want to hear the shocking truth? No one cares about you! Seriously, people are too busy focused on themselves and obsessing about what people think about them, to care about what you’re doing.

Think about it, have you ever gotten a new haircut or piece of clothing and you’ve expected your friends or colleagues to make a comment but they didn’t even notice? Even if you can think of an example when people did notice, did they comment the next day or the day after that? No of course not, they stopped caring and went back to obsessing about their own lives. If you want to do something and the only thing holding you back is that you are worried what people think, go for it.

I can’t do that/ I’m not good enough to do that/ I’m not that sort of person

This one really annoys me, but we are all guilty of doing this: for example, when a person says things such as “I could never run a marathon”  that’s ridiculous, of course you can. It may take you years to get into the physical condition to run a marathon but if you went running every day, trust me you could do it.

We put ourselves into these little boxes like “I’m rubbish at maths” or “I could never be a size x”. We focus too much on past experiences to define who we are, so we never seem to realise how versatile we are as people and we can always change. If you spent 2 hours a day learning maths for a year I promise you’d be a maths genius, and if you dieted and exercised right you could become any size you wanted.

Realistically, I’m not expecting anyone to change the way they think overnight after reading this blog. But promise me this: the next time you notice yourself doing any of these things just make sure you are aware that you are limiting yourself and, well, don’t.

What do you think? leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “The ways you limit yourself

  1. I think you made some really valid points- there is little that we actually “can’t” do. I’m personally really bad at math-in my MBA program, I spent 10 hours a week on just the homework because it took me so long. I “could” do finance, it just took me 2 times longer than everyone else. We make our own destiny!

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